Mysterious warrior who never got to share her secrets


Nethys was a cloaked woman, human, with dark features.
Nethys was first heard of by Romen & Bem when Princess Aya told them to give her a coded message. “The princess is fine but needs gold.”
The hotel owner told Bem that Nethys had come to Bem’s hotel in Incus when Bem was busy. She had left a gift. In a pink linen sack, Bem found a golden gilded box. Opening it, a flash of light was seen in Bem’s eyes, but the box was empty save for the beautiful couatl carvings inside.
After Romen told Lostris Nitida had been killed, Lostris hushed him & said she heard something. It was Nethys, urging them to leave. Romen protested, saying he couldn’t leave Bem behind, & Lostris mentioned they were going to go to the palace & get Bem before leaving.
Nethys gives in, as she has no time for arguing, & they take the tharais tunnels to the building by the palace. After a few run ins with guards, & passing the hall of the Carnelian Tiger, they wind their way into the court room, coming across a downed Bem, surrounded by 4 men who appeared to be paid guard, saying tharais.
Nethys dove into combat, harming her opponent, but failing to realize he was a student of Rift Warrior (which Romen noticed later). The man she had been fighting used the weapons of each hand to jab into her neck & up towards her jaw, killing her quickly. She fell, gasping her way to a silent death.
Her body was taken with the group on their way to Pachakal, but was left with Princess Kalos at the Ruins of Kho.
According to Aya, Nethys was a font of information, & was an ally to Pachakal. The city mourned the loss of her.



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