I use this campaign to list info on a few of my games. They’re all sort of related so it’s not like I’m completely cheating to beat the free restriction on 2.


TIME WILL REMEMBER is the overarching title, but characters flit in & out of different periods, different systems, different stories. It’s going to be tons of fun.

EAGLE NEBULA – futuristic semi-sci fi genre-breaker played with the ICAR system (free download!! Check it out!!) Also, sometimes with d20 future/modern.

Horizon – This is where most of the story happens, at least so far. Pathfinder in the world of Golarion, essentially, but my modified rules that fuse FASERIP with Pathfinder, as well as altering several of the classes (cleric, druid, witch, wizard especially)

Dreamer – The “Into Dreams” system (another free to download. Great system!), when characters find themselves in dreams, or journey into them together. I use this more in my Spirit Nest WoD campaign (it has its own campaign page), but will utilize it here from time to time as well.

That’s a reflection of the surface of Time Will Remember. or, how do you say? the Gist.

Time will Remember