Monstrous Serpent Queen


Meninx was a powerful monster that came to reside in the jungles between Incus & Pachakal, near the mysterious golden lioness/cat/panther statue. Legend stated that she terrorized the jungle, keeping much land travel from ever passing through.
She first appeared to Romen as a woman in a simple shawl & scant junglewear, when he had passed unknowingly into her domain.
When he had expressed his desire to leave & help Bem & the two condors, she refused to allow it, attacking him with a staff that echoed with the sound of thunder. With uncanny agility, she backed away from him, pointing a finger & setting the foliage alight with movement. Hisses were heard as a sea of snakes flowed from behind her towards Romen. Snakes of all shades, but mainly black with red stripes.
She floated upwards, supported by a whirling tower of these snakes, & her appearance altered. Gradually her skin darkened to black, with scant red & silver stripes on her features, & a band of this crimson across her eyes, which flickered like those of a serpent. Her hair twisted into a bunch of snakes, pure black in color, & she laughed.
Bem, on the back of Ohana, swooped in then, though Ohana had an aversion to attacking.
Romen had been pushed back by the oncoming snakes, killing some but being bitten as well.
Darting to the statue, Bem, Ohana, & Romen stood safe by a seeming sanctuary. The snakes only came so far. Meninx could only come so far.
It was then that Ohana flew for the monster, & unfortunately was turned to obsidian from a gaze.
Romen & Bem remained close to the statue, looking at inscriptions, surrounded by an unmoving mass of serpents.
The cursed feline guardians of the golden statue came awake in the light of the full moon, as did Ohana, who rushed to the sides of Romen & Bem, attacking one of the cursed guardians. Her beak was shattered from a guardian’s bite, & she thrashed, shrieking & crying out in extreme pain. Romen hacked away at another, who hurt Romen severely. Bem sang a magical song to enthrall any others, & they both felt sorrow for Ohana, as there was nothing to be done for the condor. The cursed guardians ripped her apart.
Meninx reappeared after the statue acted, shading the moon & turning all the cursed back to unmoving statues. She now had a long snake tail, & battled with them once again, charging for the Golden Sistrum that Bem had found & used. Romen shone his shield in her eyes & Meninx turned to obsidian.

Meninx could also create solid spears of any length of obsidian, out of thin air, & toss them about.
Her gaze froze anything into obsidian.
Her blood turned to venomous coralbanded snakes when it hit the ground, or – in the case of weapons or other materials – her blood would taint the item, so that in a matter of days it would turn from whatever it was into obsidian.


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