Animals: Condors

Condors of note


Naladha - DECEASED The tan & white condor Romen rode from Pachakal. He was shot by an obsidian spike of Meninx & tumbled hundreds of feet to the ground, & eventually, his death.

Ohana - DECEASED The grey condor Bem rode from Pachakal. Bem woke in the middle of sleeping to see Ohana in a powerful net held by 6 men. Helping Ohana to escape, Bem then hopped on Ohana, the two of them thinking Romen should have been back to camp by that time. They flew in time to see Meninx & her endless sea of serpents spreading towards Romen. When Ohana went to attack Meninx, she was turned into obsidian for looking into her eyes. Later, in the light of the full moon, when Ohana came back to animation, she fought alongside Bem & Romen against the cursed guardians. It was here where one of them gripped her beak & broke it, leaving Ohana in a spastic state of pain & terrifying shock. She shook & flailed about violently, dying slowly as two cursed guardians beat her into oblivion.

The Princess’s condor - Black, larger than other condors the group has seen so far, & with a saddle of resilient white leather, this is a very wise condor, though his name has not been said. Lostris rode this condor, with Nethys’s body attached, on the way to Pachakal, though the Princess’s condor remained at the Ruins of Kho with the Princess. Later, when Jerrod had been in the jungle for some time, it was the Princess’s condor that found him & took him to Pachakal, eventually leading to Jerrod’s departure for the Ruins of Kho.

Zeylann - The brown-orange condor that Romen & Bem rode back to Pachakal, after the escape from Incus. She was the first to be attacked by the horse-sized panthers in the jungles by Taita’s village.

Goja - The beige condor that Princess Kalos rode after the escape from Incus. He aided Zeylann after she was attacked by a panther outside Taita’s village. Lostris rode Goja back to Pachakal after leaving the Ruins of Kho.

Omai - The greenish-brown condor that now accompanies Jerrod. Jerrod had gifted Princess Aya with the wizard Tibibe’s magical things. Aya responded with a gift of Omai, a condor equipped with a translator collar similar to that which Bem wears often as a belt.

Animals: Condors

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